Meet our Popular Characters!


Avery and Ava Avocado
"Let's Avocuddle"
Our most well-known duo since 2015, Avery and Ava love to cuddle up together under a blanket, each with a good book and a yummy snack! They both enjoy watching documentaries, and are always awaiting their next adventure around the globe, especially to any Disney parks!


These two soymates are meant for each other. They are all about having a good time! Sammy loves dancing, Sawyer loves singing, and they always put on a great show for their friends! They love shopping in Japan and can't wait to visit the new Super Nintendo World! 


Wanda and Wally Waffle
"I Love You a Waffle Lot"
Wanda and Wally met at a concert while lining up for ice cream, and they've been together ever since! Wanda loves to paint, and Wally loves to cook. Their favourite meal of the day is breakfast! On weekends, they love to go for long walks around their neighbourhood and shop local to support small businesses.   

Yoshi the Yeti
"Is it the holidays Yeti?"

Yoshi loves the snow, especially during the holidays, but he also loves the beach! His favourite pastime is playing with building blocks and solving puzzles over the winter break. Yoshi's biggest pet peeve is litterbugs, so please help him contain his rage by doing your part for the environment and throw your garbage in the trash can!


Marcel the Happy Mail
Guess who loves snail mail? This guy! Marcel encourages everyone to send more mail, text less and write more, and to never forget to practice your penmanship! Marcel is a stamp collector and is always excited to chat about stationery!


Gordie the Ghost
"You're Boo-tiful and Sweet"
This super duper friendly ghost loooves sweets, but he also makes sure to eat fruits and veggies to balance his diet. He is named after my favourite childhood author, Gordon Korman (remember Bruno and Boots?). Gordie is an aspiring writer of comedic mysteries - be on the lookout for his new novel!


Maude the Mushroom
"I Love You So Mush!"
Maude is a music teacher at her local elementary school and she loves every musical genre, but her go-to playlist is filled with 90's songs! Her favourite instruments are the piano, the flute, and the ukulele. She loves fruit smoothies and collecting stickers. She also tends to get carried away playing video games!


Freddy the Fridge
"It's cool, you can always open up to me"
Meet Freddy, everyone's favourite fridge! He's always here for you, no matter what. If you need to vent, he'll lend an ear. If you need to be with a friend, he'll sit with you for as long as you need. He will always make sure you're happily fed and will remind you to drink water so you're hydrated. We all love Freddy for being the best pal ever!


Donut Doggie (Yummimals)
Donut Doggie is a Dorkie, a cross between a Dachshund and the Yorkshire Terrier. They love all donuts from Old Fashioned Plain to Raspberry Rosewater Glazed, but ONLY with sprinkles. Donut Doggie encourages everyone to exercise so they can eat more donuts. They are currently training for a 5k run in the dog park.



Pizza Panda (Yummimals)
Pizza Panda is a pepperoni, pepper and Parmesan cheese pizza who is a very picky eater. They only eats foods that start with the letter P, such as pancakes, perogies, pretzels, pasta, pears, peaches, peanuts and pies. Pizza Panda is currently polishing a recipe for the perfect panini. 



Let's Avocuddle Green (Punny Paint Party)
The Green Droplet loves to eat avocados in every way possible! He loves to promote a healthy lifestyle (but he loves to snack on chips and cheese puffs too). His favourite pastime is watching animals in their natural habitats, and he is a pro at painting trees, frogs, and anything green!


Don't Be Blue (Punny Paint Party)
The Blue Droplet makes the best smoothies - all with blueberries, of course! He is the best at cheering you up when you're feeling down. Sometimes he'll tell you a joke, sometimes he'll make a funny face to make you laugh. When all else fails, his blueberry smoothies will definitely make you smile!


Peppermint Pink (Punny Paint Party)
The Pink Droplet is a candy connoisseur. Her specialty is, you guessed it, peppermints! She and Gordie the Ghost have a lot in common! They both love sugar but they also eat balanced meals, and never skip flossing or brushing everyday. She loves science and wants to be a food scientist when she grows up!


A Bunch of Yellow (Punny Paint Party)
The Yellow Droplet is bananas about bananas! She loves making banana muffins and wants to open her own bakery one day. She is currently learning about the history of her favourite foods and experimenting with new recipes.