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Co-hosted Events

We are actively involved in the Toronto arts community by co-hosting and organizing various shows across the city. Learn more about our events below (and get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring or collaborating)! To see upcoming shows, visit our Events page.


Toronto Plush Toy Show

We are hosting the first Toronto Plush Toy Show this year! Having created our own plush lines, we know there are several other independent artists that also make their own plush toys as well. We want to host this event in hopes of bringing toy makers together to showcase everyone’s creations. The inaugural event for 2020 will be virtual due to social distancing restrictions. We can’t wait to see what everyone has to offer! 

Visit the official website for all the info :)

Toronto Stationery Show logo
Toronto Stationery Show

The Toronto Stationery Show (TSS) hosted by Q&A Letterbox and queenie's cards made its debut in August 2019 and was visited by hundreds of stationery fans from across the city. This is a juried event featuring local and international designers and brands specializing in all things stationery and paper.

To learn more about application processes and show details, follow TSS on Instagram and Facebook.

Pin + Patch Show Toronto logo

Pin + Patch Show Toronto

Hosted by queenie's cards and Sparkle Collective, the event is dedicated to showcasing local and international pin and patch designers all under one roof in Toronto. With the debut in 2017, the Pin + Patch Show continues to grow and has brought in thousands of attendees year after year.

THIS LIMITED EDITION PIN is available now! All sales will help cover the non-refundable expenses for our cancelled physical event in 2020. Thank you for your support :)

Follow the Pin + Patch Show on Instagram and Facebook for the latest announcements on next year's show!