Copyright and Trademark

A Message from Queenie Best, owner and designer of queenie's cards

Imitation is not a form of flattery. Copying another artist's design is simply stealing. As an independent artist who owns a small business, it is incredibly hard to keep track of stolen intellectual property (which includes copies of our original designs and trademarked text/phrases). We have invested so much of our time and finances to protect our work, but there are still numerous copycats that continue to ignore our legal rights on a worldwide basis. 

Please help us and submit the form(s) at the bottom of this page if you come across any potential copyright/trademark infringements on queenie's cards products, and we will look into it further with our legal team. Thank you!

Copyright and Trademarks

All artwork, logos and photography (on this website, on social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and third party partners, and beyond) is owned by queenie's cards. Legal Copyright and Trademark laws and registrations apply. Nothing may be interpreted in any way that would allow, directly or indirectly, the use of any of our work without prior permission.

What is copyright?

Copyright is the exclusive legal right to produce, reproduce, publish or perform an original literary, artistic, dramatic or musical work. 

In the simplest terms, "copyright" means "the right to copy." In general, copyright means the sole right to produce or reproduce a work or a substantial part of it in any form. It includes the right to perform the work or any substantial part of it or, in the case of a lecture, to deliver it. If the work is unpublished, copyright includes the right to publish the work or any substantial part of it.

  • Copyright provides protection for literary, artistic, dramatic or musical works (including computer programs) and other subject-matter known as performer's performances, sound recordings and communication signals.

The Copyright Act states that a certificate of registration of copyright is evidence that copyright exists and that the person registered is the owner of the copyright. 

Queenie Best of queenie's cards is the legal copyright owner of Let's Avocuddle, holding the official certificate of registration. 

(Source and for more info: Canadian Intellectual Property Office)

What are trademarks?

A trademark is a combination of letters, words, sounds or designs that distinguishes one company’s goods or services from those of others in the marketplace.

By registering your trademark, you protect it under law from misuse by others, and you gain exclusive rights to use it. A registered trademark is one way to protect your corporate image. Registering your trademark gives you legal title to it the way a deed gives you title to a piece of real estate.

A trademark is a sign or combination of signs used or proposed to be used by a person to distinguish their goods or services from those of others.

  • Trademarks may be one or a combination of words, sounds, designs, tastes, colours, textures, scents, moving images, three-dimensional shapes, modes of packaging or holograms, used to distinguish the goods or services of one person or organization from those of others.

Queenie Best of queenie's cards is the legal trademark owner of Let's Avocuddle, holding the official certificate of registration. 

(Source and for more info: Canadian Intellectual Property Office)
Regions such as the European Union hold the same definitions.

Let's Avocuddle

Registered Trademarks includes hyphens and spacing within the text as it exemplifies the same variation of the complete phrase, and capitalization is irrelevant (ie. Avocuddle, Avo-Cuddle, Avo Cuddle, avocuddle, avo cuddle, avo-cuddle, and so forth). Any Copyright or Trademark infringement may result in legal action. 

The design and phrase "Let's Avocuddle" (including any variations of spaces and hyphens) holds legally registered Copyright and Trademark protection to which we own. Our original "Let's Avocuddle" products include any products with this artwork and phrase.

Where can I find the original Let's Avocuddle products?

Shop our official products at our authorized retailers. Official collaborations are also found on this website. If you do not see our company name and logo on any items associated with the phrase "Let's Avocuddle" then they are not created by us and is likely counterfeit. If you come across any products that are suspicious, please let us know by submitting a copyright infringement report below. Please also note we only sell additional products on the following authorized third-party websites HERE.

    Report Copyright Infringement

    To report copyright infringement, please submit the applicable form below:

    Thank you for respecting our intellectual property, supporting local makers like us, and making a difference in stopping art theft! We couldn't do this without you :)